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Sale Barn

The Sale Barn

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As of 12/21/23, All Puppies Have Been Sold

$2,000 - $2,500

We think one of the MOST amazing things about our beautiful Turkish Boz's is how much they love children!  In the first picture, Landon has fallen asleep with one of Runa's first litter in his hands.  Runa is as protective of Landon as she is of her own pups.

In the next picture, a pup from our first litter watches out for the baby of his new family. In the third is one of our pups with his new family (thanks for sharing the picture with us!).

Sleeping Turkish Boz Puppies, mom and Landon
Not fully grown but already protecting.

Return often as we all watch each pup's personality emerge over the coming weeks.

Happy Family

Born on 4/19. Runa's first litter is thriving and Runa has quickly established herself as an attentive, doting mom.  We have to make her get up to get water and when she does her eyes are glued to her pups.

The Pups Personalities Are Beginning to Emerge

At just over three weeks at the time of this post, we have one emerging personality.  We developed this habit of counting the pups whenever we enter their area of the barn.  When we entered today, we found one missing.  The search began.  We found our little explorer had escaped and was in the goat pasture... at only three weeks!  Like mother like son -- Runa's first name as a puppy was 'Houdini' because she always found a way to escape.  

Runa's mom, Hafsa, quickly brought the pup back to the barn for close watching as shown below.

Sleeping Turkish Boz Pups

Our Lambs are Arriving!

The cuteness battle is on...  we love our pups but, goodness, baby lambs are so amazingiy adorable as well.  Six of our sheep were ready to deliver.  We had two a ewe first followed by a ram and then Emmy Lou gave us one of each.  We anxiously await the next two to see what the final tally will be.

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