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Preston's Hat
Preston's Hat

Come Stay With Us at Dragon Ranch

The thing about dragons is the magic, mystery, and awe they bring. Our goal is that Dragon Ranch will do the same. It is important to teach our families that the truth found in myth, magic, and mystery is sometimes as true as what happens in the world we think of as real. They are the stories that help us understand love, courage, and sacrifice. Something our world will always need.

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                    Ranch House                                           Bunk House                                                 Farmhouse

Dragon Ranch  - Ranch House
Dragon Ranch Bunk House
Preston's Hat
Preston's Hat
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Wanting to Buy a Turkish Boz?

Turkish Boz Puppies

How We Train Our Turkish Boz

Dragon Ranch specializes in the breeding and training of the Turkish Boz, a Large Guardian Dog.  We train them from puppies with our sheep, goats, Kunekune Pigs, miniature horses,, and other animals to become their guardians from predators.  Not only are they guardians, but the are caring and sweet with all the animals under their care. 

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