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"Introducing Our Newest Turkish Boz to Dragon Ranch: Meet Myla"


We wanted to introduce you to our newest Turkish Boz, Myla, who came from a ranch in Montana where she was raised around livestock. This quickly became apparent in her mannerisms around the animals of Dragon Ranch.

The day I first met her, she came to me along with the other dogs in the sheep pasture for some head rubs and affection.  She’s such a beautiful Turkish Boz.  In one of the pictures above, you see her walking calmly among some of our sheep.  She was immediately accepted by not only the livestock but the other dogs as well.

As I rubbed her head that day, she saw something behind me and became fixated as she tracked the movement.  I turned around to see that she was watching my grandson, Landon, as he approached another gate to visit the dogs and sheep.  I quickly became the less desirable option for affection, and she was off to meet Landon at the other gate. 

The picture and video you see above are of that day which was Landon’s first day to meet her as well.  Her gentle nature with Landon was immediately apparent as can be seen above.

I am always amazed by the care our Turkish Boz show not only children that visit but also all animals under their charge.  The baby sheep are as comfortable with these giant dogs as they are their mothers.  Obviously, Landon has no fear when it comes to our dogs as he was looking forward to meeting a new friend.

Welcome to Dragon Ranch Myla!  We are so glad you joined the family.

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